Loyalty cards and book bundle


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Our 40pcs of white loyalty cards with our loyalty card tracker.

40 loyalty cards that can be with your information, logo and details or sent generic.
Our preset design are 6 hearts with loyalty card on a pink brushed background.
Please let us know your business name and any instructions such as fill 6 hearts to receive a free gift.
They are approximately 10 x 5.5cm in size.
All wording can be changed to suit as well as colours.
These are done on 180gsm card

The order book is a5 in size and comes with 39 pages which includes the front cover and 37 tracking sheets.
They are all printed on Paper. All come in white with your details printed onto them.
We print your logo and any details you would like adding such as changing the wording in the table.
We can alter the wording to suit
We match the table colours to your logo otherwise we use pink.
The preset information includes:

Customer’s name
Customer’s number
Hearts collected with 6 hearts in the table
Free gift